What To Open A Business With Minimal Costs

How do you open a cafe with minimal investment?
Бизнес идея по выращиванию

In determining the direction of business, many entrepreneurs make choices in favour of the cafe. In addition, the most common case is the middle price café. First of all, the future businessman usually cares about:

кафе Analyse the cafe business plan for 20-25 steps. The plan consists of two parts, descriptive and financial.

1. Café business plan narrative

Business direction

The main objective of the ready business plan of the cafe is the opening of a small middle price cafe. This calculation can be applied in any region of Russia.

Project objective

High-quality catering services for middle-income clients.


The café is a fairly democratic type, designed for office workers, as well as for individual visitors who need a low cost, but a real business lunch. Coffee business takes into account the fact that the foundation of the menu of the cafe is hot beverages, booze and meals from the semi-fabricates.

The average number of visitors is sufficient. Democratic prices will bring many to the cafe. Potential café visitors are office staff, youth, the contingent can increase markedly tonight at the expense of people who are appointed to the café or simply come to rest and eat.
Characteristic of target audience

The organization of a catering network is very relevant in many cities, especially in the sleeping areas. The situation is not of paramount importance to visitors to the cafeteria, but of good quality and quality of food.

Since the cafe is positioned as a medium-price general, the cafe plan provides for low-cost repairs, the acquisition of simple furniture and a single-time dish.

Searching the premises

Searching a suitable space is the first step in the project. For this purpose, a new building can be built, a ready room under the café can be purchased, or leased. It depends on financial opportunities.

But it should be taken into account that the café area should meet the requirements. For example, a café, designed for 20 landing sites, should cover at least 100 square metres.


If you want to avoid intense competition, choose a place in a place where there is no cafe of this kind. The cafe of the highest price category should not be considered. Now, middle and lower price institutions can make you very competitive. But in this case, a solution can be found if competitors ' activities are carefully studied and the cafeteria opens, it will be very different from those already in place, menu and service levels.

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