How To Open Your Business Without Investment

Can we open our business without investment?
Все кому интересно

Good day, dear readers of one of the best business blogs. In my business experiments, I have often faced an interesting and exciting question that is being tolerated by any starter. Is it possible to open your business without investment or, as they say, from scratch? There are many fantasies in this regard, there are even real examples, but there is no clear answer. Today, I will give a detailed answer, try to dispel all doubts and express my own view, supported by facts, arguments already in place from some of the " trainers " and real life.

Now, let's start with what we're living in the era of a global call to do business whatever it takes. If you don't do business, according to the criteria of this trend, you're referring to the cohort of losers working for wages, mediocrities that don't take responsibility, etc. It is certainly not worth taking this seriously, because such provocative slogans are no more than part of the PR company that seeks to attract new people, rather than their money. Another attractive slogan for the bidders is that every person can be easily Open your business without investment, getting out of nothing high.

Yeah, it sounds smooth, it didn't invest anything, start a business, and then you get a profit (actually nothing, because it wasn't a cost at first). If that were true, perhaps every second resident of our power would be a businessman (proposing when the country ' s GDP doubled or tripled). Moreover, the " business teachers " even have a set of schemes to create their own business that look very convincing, clear and understandable.

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