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Selphi Framework
Бизнес идея: домашние обеды в

Social networks have first acquired the minds and free time of millions of people, then began to produce new types of products. For example, a selphie framework:

Started with the word "selfie" in 2013. So when a person (or a group of people) takes pictures of himself.

People took pictures of themselves and their friends whenever they could. And put your selphies in social networks, many different.

Then it became fashionable not just to take pictures of any sight. And take pictures in a frame known to all social media:

Or in a framework that is structured in a particular organization or activity:

That's a great way to play. I'm sure a bunch of guests will take pictures in this frame and put their pictures in social media. As a result, the company and its event will find a much larger number of people (which is free of charge because the pictures themselves will be dispersed by social media).

This pyara method is very similar to the method described in Instaprinter's lease. But it's much less expensive for a business. It's easier for a selphie to order (which might cost between 1 and 3,000 roubles) than rent an instaprier (this could cost 8 to 20,000 roubles in a few hours of rent).

And in western countries, following a new fashion, the manufacturers of the special selfie framework have started to appear, either in order. of which- either a social network or an individual form.

These are either advertising agencies or polygraphs that have created another service based on their production.

They may have started to show up in Russia, but they're not looking at Google. I found only one producer in Ukraine, a wedding agency that has a similar framework for young women (see

This modest proposal is likely to be the result of the demand for a selfie framework in the West as well.

But things can change soon. Because Etsy has a company in 2015 that sells the selphie framework and has sold them over 4,000 grand in a 1.5 year (her Etsy store)

Numerous exemplary feedback from buyers suggests that the company has a big front. ♪ ♪

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