Garage Production

Top 10 business ideas that can be " wrapped " in the garage
Мини производство в гараже. в

Steve Jobs started his multi-million-dollar business, which brought him a world glory, in the garage. That's where he first started collecting personal computers under the Apple trademark. The company ' s income is now at least $600 billion and continues to grow. What else could be done in the garage and what kind of business can generate? What business to open up In the garage so he can make a steady profit and not demand too much start-up investment?


In order to start producing tags in the garage, it is necessary to equip the room under the workshop and properly prepare it for operation. A small bagnet production factory will make a good profit with a well-designed business plan. The experienced businessmen who have succeeded in this task are advised first of all to take care of the garage, after which to purchase a hylotine for the manufacture and increments of ready tags, the cheapest option, a table installation, and a staple for the consolidation of parts between themselves. Business in the garage is profitable that no one needs to pay rent. If you have a very small start-up capital, you might think about creating a business in your own garage if it's a cold.

Installation of anti-war signals

Igor Malugin, an expert in the field of start-ups, I am sure that such an enterprise is very profitable and unique. Installation of car alarms in the garage is the idea of a profitable business that does not require too much investment. Of course, some qualifications are required to install anti-trust devices on motor vehicles, but it is easy to learn through a variety of special videos on the Internet, all kinds of skilled masters or internships at firms specializing in the provision of such services.

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Home runner

One Russian retiree, leaving for a well-deserved vacation, but who did not want to sit tight, opened a private mini-cousine in his own garage. A black mountain, a circumferential circle and a weld machine. Now the hobby and the favoured business have turned into a very good business: the start-uper steals furniture, gates, bars, fences. Business starts cost him about 50,000 roubles, and the proceeds are about 30,000.

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