The Most Profitable Business Ideas

The world's most profitable business ideas
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1. Head of our list, Michel Ferrero, $10 billion.

The Ferrero family owns the largest chocolate production in Europe. Their main brands are Tic Tac, Kinder Eggs, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella.

2. Brad Hughes, $53 billion
He owns the idea of mounting storage cells along the motorway. Brad's company is the largest storage service provider in the United States.

3. Ralph Lauren. Status - $5 billion
His idea to be a funny one is to put on a regular shirt-semi-sex label with a horse. And it's worth $50.

4. Jeff Beos is $44 billion.
The idea is selling books via the Internet.

5. Thy Warner. State $4.5 billion
His idea is to sell spiders with touching names. And release them in very limited quantities so that toys can be collected immediately.

6. Kaleo Yuvidiha, Dietrich Mathesitz. Thailand, Austria. 3.1 billion and $3 billion
The idea is to sell energy drinks to athletes and amateurs of night discotheques.

7. Mario Moretti Poligatto. Status - $3 billion
His idea is to make shoes with small holes in the sole (closed special membrane). It's a new thing to get many people out of the smell of sweat in their shoes.

8. James Dyson, England. Status - $1.6 billion
His "first" belongs to the idea of creating a vacuum cleaner dust.

9. Paul and Hans Rigeli, FG. State - $1.5 billion
Their idea is the production and trade of sweet candy of different shapes and sizes.

10. Howard Schultz. Status - $1.1 billion
The idea is to set coffee shops all over America.
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