How To Start Business From Zero

404. the wrong horse?
Какой бизнес выбрать
Let's start from the beginning. As far as the Ahmetov actually supported the 2014 coup, we don't know. But he, like other oligarhams, was profitable for the following reasons:
- The removal of the fucking Januković and his clips;
- the total population swelling by falling standard of living.

You judge yourself, all the spears broke around the inconsistencies of most Ukrainian enterprises with European standards and their subsequent extinction. And these guys have had it a long time ago, they've been through ISO, and they've been on the market alone. Separate and control. And the rest of us are offered more verbs, and then we're going to go. All the conditions are on top now. And the bidding is not appropriate.
But it's obvious. That when the coup d ' état took place, the Achmetov clearly considered what was the best chance to sell himself Donbass. Why did you come here like a bunch of fucking tobacco, a lot of questionable personalities? By the end of the simplest thing, you think the initial ambiguity and the push-offs were good for? Also, Karabase Barabas himself... Blessed, a contingent to carry out such shares in his sleeves has always been enough. The public was talking about the nydonbassevser... Well, well, that's understandable. ♪

Come on. There's an open war, which also plays Achmetov's hand. The idea of discrediting the anti-Ukrainian movement first through ambiguity is logically continuing the war. - There was no such thing in Ukraine! Everyone back to Edin against the angry separians who carry the war! I remember very well the “demonstration” of the University staff of the Akhmetov Bank’s office, PUMB. They were like women with a low level of social responsibility along the road with cuffed posters.

Next. In order to avoid a doctor, we will not specify who the Strelkov worked for, but the fact that most of his actions were in favour of Ukraine.
Against this background, the Achmetov, if he's even right in this whole engagement thing and he hasn't taken it, he's just gonna watch and wash his hands. Everything's going according to plan! Especially after the Strelkov retreat to Donetsk and his subsequent plans for the City. - That's great! Actual war can deviate from the region. Yeah, there's going to be a mess, armed groups running, small shootings and instability. But it's the best moment to get preferences from a bid! There's nothing complicated about keeping all these groups quiet. And, at the very least, gradually put each other in a war of self-destruction. - It's perfect.
There is one substantive clarification. I believe that it was the Achmetov that a full-fledged war in his vein was not necessary from the word " consem." For money, as you know very well, loves silence. Therefore, the resulting salary for the above reasons was as far as possible.

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