How To Build A Business From Zero

What ideas can a good business be built?
Продвижение бизнеса

Oleg Boyko (O.B.): Let us clarify what ideas are. There are ideas for making money, ideas for creative improvements to the existing business and a completely new business idea. I think, in order to make a lot of money, you have to do what you've already come up with, but do it better than others. All ideas for making big money are not about what to do, but in the area of " how to do " , implementation. And new ideas are a more risky story. Perhaps more promising, but very rarely large.

Sergei Belousov (S.B.): The question is how much money a new idea would take to start. We are now building a fund that will invest in young companies that specialize in the soft and the Internet, and it's more of a charity for me than a business. New ideas need to be very careful. People don't make any more money, but there are exceptions.

F. Like Google, Facebook?

C. B. I must say that there are a lot of people on Google and Facebook when they weren't new. Moreover, Google is not a new idea at all. This is a repetition of Overture (the world ' s largest pay reference provider, Yahoo acquired in 2003! - Forbes) and the Altavista search system. Facebook is the repetition of MySpace and him. These are not new ideas, but new ways of realizing existing ideas. Most often Business innovation - it's the right choice of a new business model. Even Apple, the most expensive information technology company now, what's the real original idea? When the first Macintosh was created, personal computers were already in place, but they weren't so comfortable. And the iPad? Tablet PC, tablet computers, has existed for 20 years.

Oh. B. Just a good product. Better than the others. With regard to these companies, they have created a unique climate, a unique system of gaining the benefits of their employees. By creating a comfortable working environment that mobilizes the creative energy of the staff, they therefore receive better products than others.

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