Opening Of Small Businesses

Information portal for hip, ooh and Rossia individuals
Субсидия на открытие малого

Small business. is designed to help people who need detailed and structured information on the creation and conduct of their own business in Russia. In addition, the website provides useful materials that will benefit individuals in applying to various State institutions.

To date, the website structure consists of the following main sections:

Knowledge base

The posagovo describes all the main stages of the business activities of IPs and GS. These include: the opening (registration) of business; the payment of taxes and payments to the budget (tax systems, insurance contributions); the reporting to tax authorities and extrabudgetary funds (tax declarations, cash discipline); the processing of personnel; the reception of cash and non-cash funds (cass machine, FSA); the closure and liquidation of business; and many others.

All information in this section is updated, supplemented and added to the extent possible.

Online Services

Contains unaloged, completely free, fully automated and user-friendly online services. The main objective of these programmes is to save the strength and time (and possibly the means) of individual entrepreneurs (IUs) and organizations (OOs) in business creation, tax and payments calculation and reporting.

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