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Isaev nickite and a deficit in the budget
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My beloved expert on all Nikita Isaiev issues believes that in order to address the deficit in the PDF budget, " there are two simple and productive areas of work: reducing inefficient public expenditure and removing business from the shadows " .

Suggestions are unheard of, what's going on? Has anyone ever talked about it?

It is strange that in this article Nikita does not call retired dependants, as he has done in many previous pension comments.

We're sorry to note that you, Nikita, do not understand anything in the pension system. It is truly regrettable that a politician who begins to see the substance under discussion, rather than being aware of the substance under discussion, is immediately to be judged as it was done by Ponomare, Goodkov Ml and Yashin at Vedomations. A number of “specialists” have now increased.

Nikita, you should know that the deficit in the pension system arose in 2005 when Kudrin sold a decision to reduce the NSA, and before that, it's scary to imagine that the PDF budget was over (in 2003, 100 billion, in 2004, over 66 billion roubles). In 2005, however, pension contributions decreased from 28 p.m. to 20 p.m. (the overall decline in the ESA was 35, 6 per cent, and 26 per cent of FEP). And then, in 2009, there was still valorization and no additional sources of income for the FIU.

The decline in public expenditure will not help: the FIU is formed primarily by the will of the non-taristic reduced pension contributions based on intergenerational solidarity rather than budget, as in the USSR. Business out of the shadows is a great idea, but the practice shows that it's practically impossible to believe the people of the State, even though you're sober (cstats, just to get out of the shadows in 2005 and the downsizing of the EU.

Nikita, you should look at the costs of the FIU and dislocate them from non-scareable, i.e., transferred to the FIU as an epidemished or blackbirds. By doing this, you'll be surprised to find that the actual pension deficit is much less than the total.

Nikita, darling, not getting out of the pension impasse in raising the retirement age (after a few years the problem will rise again) but in raising the ratio of contributions to the RPF, as well as in clearing the RPF from the function of the interview. The solution is unacceptable to you, because you're a popularist, and the populists always say what people like.

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