Starting Business From Scratch

Can I get a little business credit from scratch?
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Кредит на бизнес с нуля

Credit assistance

As an alternative to obtaining a quick loan that does not require paper fibres, it is proposed to explore the following option:

How do you improve your chances?

Before going to the bank to obtain credit, there will be no further emphasis on some important points:

  • Business plan;
  • French.

The carefully designed business plan and the correctly chosen franchise depends on what answer you'll get on your application.

It is worth noting that companies that cooperate with the Sberbank of Russia often put forward their own conditions. The client ' s response to the issue of credit is dependent on the bank ' s response. For example, Sberbank Russia ' s companion may request from a client wishing to obtain credit under the contract. business from zeroan analysis of the market for services or goods of the area where the individual enterprise plans to work.

Another important point (and possibly decisive) could be the borrower ' s credit history, its material position and (or) the availability of deposits and the initial contribution. All this can be checked by the bank before we get the loan.

Thus, it can be concluded that a positive response from the bank can be obtained only if all the demands made by franchise companies that cooperate with banking institutions are met.

Conditions and factors affecting the issuance of loans

Once again, in order to obtain a loan, it is necessary to carefully examine and try to meet all the factors and conditions that may affect the bank ' s decision. It is important for any bank to have security of the borrower and proof of its capacity to pay.

The conditions that the bank imposes on the borrower are generally as follows:

  • The client has a well-designed business plan;
  • Provide a bank with information on the income of an individual (form 2-NDFL);
  • Customer possession of movable/non-mobile equipment;
  • Lack of other loans (which the client pays to date);
  • sponsorship by a person (physical/legal), without credit and poor credit history.
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