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How to open a clinical company
как открыть свой бизнес в

Как открыть клининговую компаниюThe lending company is an organization that provides clearing services for the cleaning of premises and adjacent areas, both apartments and offices and commercial real estate and shopping centres. Simply put, this business involves high-tech cleaning of different profiles.

Nowadays, two ways of entering the cleaning market can be found: to open a single client clinging company (to deal with a large trading centre or to find a client with a 1,000 square metres space) and to gradually expand from zero, to include new customers and a second option, to take a separate niche in the cleaning of premises, such as cleaning and caring for solid floors.

In order to maintain purity in large spaces and large areas, it is necessary to recruit cleaning personnel, train them, procure special equipment and various household chemistry, manage regular staff leaks and perform many other ceremonies, which is why most organizations are happy to transfer these functions to outsourcing professionals. If small offices and apartments are selected as specialization, 300,000 roubles for business start-ups are sufficient, and 1,000,000 roubles for start-up are required to provide services to major entertainment and trading centres. So the question of how to open a clinical company from zero in 2015 becomes even more relevant, even in Small town♪ But if you compare it to the cost of opening the service, then the costs are quite high for small businesses.

What's needed to open the clinical company?

The office. A small cleaning company might be out of office. Dispatch accepts home phone orders and sends crews of janitors on orders, and the equipment is stored in the storage room or garage. This arrangement will work at the earliest possible moments, but if you're planning to expand, you need to build an office.

In your firm's office, it's desirable to have a manager's office, a manager's work room, a cleaning store and a washing machine, a strip machine and a dryer. There are 17 to 20 square metres of space to begin.

Documents. No licence is required from zero to open a clinical company, but the quality of the work is in line with the standards of regulation P: " Domestic services. Facilities management services " , which are recommended to be studied first.

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