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Где взять стартовый капитал
Lavas business

Long time. Open your business from scratch.but you don't know where to start and what to do? Indeed, a profitable business that does not suffer from any crisis can be organized only by producing products that are always needed by all. What is it? Of course, about bread, the Armenian lavache or the bread roll.

Lavas is a popular product.which buys millions of teachers, doctors, butlers, workers and professors every day, and hundreds of thousands of diners and fast food restaurants. Without a thin lavache, it's impossible to make a shaurm and a burrito, domestic roulets and fast caps. Roll's a stunner, and every cafe can find snacks based on thin bread. It means that by buying an automatic line to manufacture a lavache and an ALR 2800D from Roll-line, you'll get a business that guarantees a stable income.

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