Create Your Business From Scratch

Are they businessmen or parasites?
Как создать свой бизнес с нуля

How lucky I am! I don't go to the "grandms" that make up the top is not clear as the rating of the FA! I don't even know who and how they defend liberal views, the market economy and other rights of paeders.

Thank Alexandra Roslakov, who takes a shot at himself and thus allows him to hold his hand on the liberal pulse of TJ.


The famous singer of Russian capitalism, Fritz Morgen, is Oleg Makarenko, in his next article proved almost two high moral foundations of our business cadastre.

Just like Jules Vern once proved on his fingers the possibility of flying to the moon through a bulletproof projectile...

What are the parasites? These are the real scrap horses of the Russian economy and technological progress! The people sitting on their neck are parasites.

This is the very illustrative text of a kind of a fascinating social and economic system in which the gap between the poor and the rich became the highest in the world.

On the one hand, the worker extracts the detail, his work results can be seen with hands. On the other hand, a businessman sits in a stripper chair and trimms a fat belly... I would like to ask a few clarifications on this.

1. Vasili and Piotr are working. Peter makes three times more detail than Vasili, because he works better. In 15 years, Piotr is buying a pack of money, working for this station invites Vasili. On the one hand, Piotr's parasite. He's exploiting Vasili. But on the other hand, Piotr made more details in 15 years than Vasili would do in his entire life.

2. Vladislav is a businessman, earned a few hundred million dollars in factories and factories, spent it on the construction of a modern health centre in its city. Can we consider him parasite?

3. Egor makes money from the morning until the evening, doesn't think of anything else. 20 years ago, he had one little thing, now three huge plants. Everything he's earned invests in business: expanding production, creating new jobs. Do you think Egor's a parasite just because he's not a civil servant?

4. Nikolay and Alexander are businessmen. Nikolai pays average wages and expands production. Alexandre pays workers a half times higher than the market, and his firm works zero, he doesn't have to invest. In 20 years, Parazita's firm is expanding once and new jobs are being created. Alexander's firm remains small. Which one's a bigger parasite?

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