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A unique idea of home-based business: production of house plates
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This business idea is different because it doesn't require too much start-up capital. It's even more an idea for a home business - it can be implemented in the home with its own hands and quite easily.

How do you make home number plates and street name at home?

This business idea is popular and demanding: a few of our country ' s firms carry out such orders, and if they do, they demand too much price.

Some houses simply do not have a license plate or even a street name, because the order, installation of a housemark should, in fact, be handled by the public services. However, we all know how this kind of work is being carried out in good faith. It often happens that a taxi or even an ambulance doesn't find the right house or street in time because there's no license plate on the house.

Business profitability

With one house number plate and a street name, the master can profit from 200 to 500 roubles. Of course, over time, any license plate requires repair or repair, and your services will also be needed.

Emplacement under workshop

A separate room or a garage will be sufficient to organize its own workshop. The only condition is that the space should be clean, otherwise the dust and the dirt will be planted on the finished product and ruined its appearance. We also need to get good lighting.

Адресная табличка для домаWhat tools and equipment are needed to organize domestic production addresses?

You need to prepare a set of tools for work:

  • Office
  • Scissors
  • Nadja
  • Cuts - four hundred and five hundred roubles
  • Raquel (fetral and plastic) is the cost of three hundred and four roubles.
  • Metal lines
  • - A drying machine for the installation of a ready house plate or an Apparat b/ house mark is worth about three to five thousand roubles.
  • Set a computer program like CorelDraw X3 is one of the graphic editors of the vector schedule.
  • And then you'll need a dam, this machine will be necessary to cut the letters on a special tape. But you don't need to buy it to start. The price of such a machine ranges from 80 to 100,000 roubles. In the first place, you can order a cut in any foreign advertising agency.
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