House Production

Process view
«Игромир-2014». День пик

To achieve the highest level of the construction of Ruse ' s facilities, high-tech production of a house-built combination based on two production sites with a total area of 12,000 square metres is possible. The compound is located in the village of Sinoro (Proiser district) in Leningrad province. The photo gallery of our production can be seen here.

Enterprises are:

In the two production sites, a full cycle of wood processing from the logging and its drying has been completed prior to the construction of the parts of the house according to the project specification. There are wooden houses under the key and all elements of a building kit (small brushes, glue and not glue, scattered materials).

The production uses only the most qualitative timber products delivered from the Western Siberia and Kareliyah regions, a multi-year pine, a tree and a leaflet undergoing special processing, which significantly increases the life of the house while maintaining an excellent external type.

The modern automated line enables all necessary technology processing for any wooden parts of the glued and non-chemical massive structures with the highest accuracy within the shortest possible time frame. The site ' s projects from the glue brushe are well-equipped at the customers ' sites as soon as possible, thanks to an automatic line producing ready wooden walls with fixed windows and doors.

Options for supplying construction materials:

  • The rotary bruis;
  • wall structures from adhesive probe
  • the design of the closures and roofs of adhesive and non-clean straight-line components;
  • A set of propile-balanced systems;
  • the design of fences, decorative components, separation panels and wooden profile coatings.
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