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15 business ideas to be used in 2015-2016
Если вы хотите начать малый

Financial storms, crises and other economic ills have a huge impact on small businesses, increasing demand in some markets and disrupting others. However, life continues. If you're thinking about creating business from zeroI should like to draw attention to recent studies by economists in this field.

What did the research show?

Several trends have been introduced, including the growth of business prospects in mobile applications, services, outsourcing. Based on the data collected, a top of the most promising ideas for small business for 2015-2016 was developed.

I would like to point out that this is a small business with zero or small (minimum) start-up.


Начать свой мелкий бизнес с нуляMobile toys for children

Creating the most promising business ideas for 2015-2016, the idea of establishing mobile applications for children. It's no secret that mobile phones have almost every person, including children, but mobile applications are exclusively child-friendly, no different age groups.

  • Specialized software;
  • knowledge of child psychology (as an assistant to use their children or nephews, nieces);
  • - To work.

And with regard to ideas, it is only possible to optimize the ideas that are ready for a child audience. As an example, the video application of the selection cartoons from the yutuba of a certain subject (the last time my kids have a popular animus).

Waste business

One of the world ' s most dynamic industries is the processing of household waste, with a bunch of garbage today ' s " yield " multi-million profits. The truth is, when it comes to business in the second, there is a high threshold of entry (star capital), except for the processing of plastic bottles, the collection of macculatures. It is true that professionals predict the growth of a brand-new small business on the secondary, namely, the collection, disposal of domestic appliances.

The problem of recycling old appliances, although the old word is not entirely correct, is often an outdated one, will only increase, thus making good business. On the one hand, the payment for removal from the owner, on the other hand, the sale of parts of such equipment, makes good profits.

Свое дело без стартовых вложений с нуля
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