I Want A Business To Start

Where do we start our business?
Медиа-продвижение бизнеса на

Еж Коллинза для бизнесаWhat business?
Several factors are highly desirable for business to be successful.
There's a simple methodology, so-called Collins.
Draw three circumferences so that they all cross each other.

Sign the circles.

  • What can you do?
  • Why do you have talent?
  • Which is value to the client

At the intersection, we will get the perfect course of action from which to start our first business and the likelihood of success in this case will be higher.

What can you do?
What you already know, what knowledge and skills you have and what you could do.

Why do you have talent or passion?
Talent is a natural talent and skill of birth, which is revealed by the acquisition of skills and experience.
What you have talent is determined by answers to questions:

  • What has been easy for you since you were a kid?
  • What are you doing right now?
  • What's very easy for you, naturally, as if you're " self-sustained "?
  • What do you like doing at work or at home?
  • What other people see your talents?

Описание способа ежа КоллинзаPassion is a strong and almost uncontrollable desire to do anything.
Prefering success is to do something you have passion that you can't do.

Methods of opening passion

  • Memories and analysis of childhood
  • Memories and analysis of past achievements

Which is value to the client
You need to answer three questions:

  1. Is there a problem for a potential client that he's incredibly painful and that your product or service can solve? Or vice versa, if he has a passion that fully absorbs it, and your product needs it (example: golf club);
  2. Whether a potential client is looking for a solution to his problem, for example in the search system;
  3. There is at least one or more of the client ' s perceived solution.
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