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Women ' s business: 10 successful business tracks in history
Женский бизнес с нуля: бизнес



On 1 July 1908, Este Lauder was born a woman who built a cosmetic empire from scratch and became one of the most powerful businessmen of the twentieth century. You still think there's a woman in the kitchen? Then the Weekend project comes to you, with a list of business ice that proves otherwise.

1. Este Lauder: magic recipes and boss behind the shop.

Este Lauder, a daughter of Jewish immigrants born in New York slums, travelled from a salesman of natural home cremes to the owner of a cosmetical empire. In 2003, Esteé Lauder ' s founding company ranked 249th on the list of 500 major United States corporations with annual income of $4,74 billion.

The secret of success is Uncle John's receptive anti-age cosmetics plus successful advertising strategy.

As soon as you turn your back on the buyer, you lost it."

Este Lauder was the first to offer his buyers free probes and gifts for buying and loved consulting clients.

"Time is not on your side, and I am, yes!" is just one of her famous commercial slogans.

The evil languages claimed that such a naive female approach would not be good, but the system launched by Lauder had very soon borne fruit.


Este Lauder, 1992, France

"Don't write angry letters."

Lauder preferred to work in person not only with customers but also with staff: she spent a lot of time behind the counter, exemplifying sellers. "My theory is not the result of dreams or exercises, but of hard work," she reminded her staff.

"If a woman who's doing business thinks about the success of her marriage, she should be extremely delicate to give her husband the opportunity to feel strong and significant, and then he'll actually be strong and significant."

Joseph's husband supported Este in all his endeavours, in charge of the financial questions of the firm, sons, brides and grandchildren, followed the case when she retired at the age of 87. Estee Lauder is now headed by a senior of two sons Este and Joseph, Leonard Lauder. He started working at a 10-year mailing firm, now ranks 131st on the list of billionaires of the world.

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