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The Prime Minister and the President have more than enough authoritatives to
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The Prime Minister and the President are more than enough to avoid misunderstandings with the head of the Nzbank on the Ukrlandfarming issue, the head of the BPP faction

Peter Porosenko understands the importance of real-sector enterprises to the economy of the country, I am sure of Goncharenko

The country ' s leadership, together with the head of the NBU, will come to a compromise on the debt restructuring of the largest Ukrainian agroholding Ukrlandfarming. The Deputy Head of the BPT, Alexei Goncharenko, now expressed confidence in a constructive solution to the conflict between NBU and the agro-producer. The Politician noted that he had requested the Head of Government to intervene in the conflict between NBU and Ukrlandfarming and welcomed Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman ' s pledge to join the leader of the national agrarian industry.

"In his commentary, the Prime Minister says he knows the position of the President. And I understand that he was discussing this with the president. Of course, the authority of the Head of Government and Head of State is more than sufficient to avoid misunderstandings with the Head of the Nazbank. That's why I took the words of Groysman very positively. This is not just about Ukrlandfarming. In general, the assumption that the real sector needs to be maintained. And that's very right, because every enterprise that does real production, the bigger the enterprise (and it's a very large enterprise) should be supported. It's not so much of a business today. And that's the question of the survival of the country for them to work, said Alexei Goncharenko.

In his view, Petr Porosenko also understood the importance of real-sector enterprises to the economy. "In his public statements, the President has always supported the real sector, and he himself has created a great deal real business from zero"and underlined the head of the BPM faction.

The Parliamentarian explained that many faction colleagues shared this position. "In general, we have a faction composed of people who support the real sector," said Alexei Goncharenko.

On Thursday, 26 January, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman reportedly pledged maximum support to the major national producers, in particular the agroholding Ukrlandmingfar, in the fight against the National Bank. "There are tens of thousands of people working, getting paid, producing a national product. Our job is to develop and help. Therefore, of course, I have been and remain in support of business, real production and national economy, and the Prime Minister has stated.

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