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Using a business garage isn't new. Everyone knows Henry Ford's name, the founder of the principles of conway car production, but there's no one who knows what he started in the garage on his father's farm. There were ideas that were subsequently put into effect and which laid the foundations for the development of motor vehicles for many years. And there's an example. Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Woznyak have been picking up his first Mac in the garage of the Senior.

For a lot of garage owners, the question is, "how do you get a profit with your own garage?" You don't have the easy decision to rent.

What can we do in the garage?
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There's a lot of ideas to open up a mini business in the garage. The most common is a small car service or a pneumatic workshop. Such services will be required in Russia for a long time because we know what two problems are in our country.

The idea of a tuning workshop could be considered a logical extension. Tunning is a standard model of cars with individual features. There's a lot of people who want to be in the same stream. With the necessary equipment and hands, such a business can become very profitable.

Small garage business
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For Small business The wholesale trade in the garage will be fine. Most of the construction materials are cement, hipsocarton, boards, dry construction mixtures. Or wholesale trade in products, such as potatoes, flour, macaron products, i.e. products that do not require additional equipment like refrigerators.

Mini business in the garage
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In urban settings, it would be interesting to know how to develop a jackass. In this case, some investments will be required for the purchase of dryers, the improvement of the garage, its warming, the lighting and ventilation device, the purchase of smoking cells, periodical, strictly hourly, the feeding of dryers, the cleaning of the mark. It's a micro farm in town.

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