Starting With Minimal Investments

Minimum investment business
Какой малый бизнес с

Total in categories: 80, investment: between 2,000 and 543,000 roubles.

This section collects business ideas and business plans, which, due to the specificity and scope of activities, are sufficient with minimal investment of up to 200,000 roubles. The main element is the participation of the entrepreneur in the creation of consumer values. Investments are in the organization of their activities: working, productive or trade capital. The formula is:

Personal labour participation + capital needed for services (production) = profitable business.

Minimum costs for start-up

This is a variety of commercial activities that have a number of characteristics:

  • The possibility of organizing domestic production;
  • marketing at home and via the Internet;
  • No representation (office);
  • Client services (outsourcing).

The main element is the participation of the entrepreneur in creating consumer values. Investments are in the organization of their activities: working, productive or trade capital.

The cost structure is approximately as follows: low-cost equipment, tools, raw materials and materials, cost of purchase of goods for sale, registration of IPs, press order, rent, etc.

Business with small investments will be the ideal solution for a wide range of people: students, housewives, pensioners and people who are unemployed due to the crisis. They have several characteristics: the desire to earn and the lack of significant funds to start!

Special features of the organization of its case

In choosing small business ideas with minimal investment, answer some important questions:

  • In what field do you consider yourself a specialist?
  • What do you really like doing?
  • Do you have resources, means and connections?
  • I don't know if your idea is relevant and people need it.

All ideas can be divided into three segments: services, sales and production. And if you have deep knowledge in some field and special skills, you better provide services. For example, to learn something (for foreign language, piano game) or to do something in the shower (renovate technician, café stick).

Services - best area of work small investments

There are several reasons:

  • Initial investments are minimal;
  • Recurrent investments - virtually non-existent;
  • maximum business mobility;
  • A quick exit to the point of impossibility.
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