Working Ideas Of Small Business

How do we start business from scratch? 3 active schemes
Как открыть бизнес в гараже

Let's start with a few working schemes on how to start a business from scratch. Now I'll try to consider them.

Scheme 1. State business money

Not many people know that our beloved State is ready to give 58,800 roubles to open its own business to stimulate the activity of the people in small business. Surprised? That's why, instead of swearing our country, we need to choose a workable business idea and write a good business plan that will make money.

In order to obtain such money, unemployment must be officially registered and the local employment centre must declare its desire to become an entrepreneur. Once these operations have been carried out, training can be provided on the How to become a businessman At the Employment Centre, which tends to introduce basic documentation and many business subtle. Next, you write your business plan and hand it over, after which you'll get paid. Business plans focus on an entire set of articles on our resource.

In my time, I've been wondering, why is that amount? It's very simple, the State just took the amount close to the minimum wage and multiplied it for 12 months (490). There's also a very important thinness, if you want to get it. money from the StateDon't forget to put in business the amount you're going to need to process an IP or a legal person, or the state might have doubts about what you're taking this money. Soon, Lily will also present a very informative article on the subject of legal persons.

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