Open It From Scratch

Building business: how to open your case from scratch
Бизнес-идеи с нуля

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For Construction business There are not only significant profits, but high profitability. Initially, as in any other case, newcomers have a lot of questions. What needs to be known to avoid typical problems and not to make common mistakes at the start of construction business from zero? Read it in this material.

The current economic situation has not been overtaken by construction and repair services. According to interviews, 30 per cent of the population is not waiting for the crisis to end soon. Business trends in the construction market are such that in the buyer ' s struggle, construction companies reduce prices and become more client-oriented.

Repair services have also undergone some changes: prices for construction materials are rising, the number of construction brigades is cut. However, the need for these services has not become lower for the population and organizations. The more new spaces are being given, the more work is done for interior designers and repairers. Housing has increased by more than 18 per cent over the past two years. Only a tenth of the consumers hired capital brigades, the others preferred cosmetic repairs. The services of professional construction companies were mainly used by the inhabitants of large cities and those with higher secondary education.

Where to start construction business

There are two ways.

The first is to acquire an existing building organization with an established working process, a collective, technical and customer base.

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