How To Get Business Out Of Here

Рисунок, на котором земной шар
Photo: TASS Founder and owner of the smokers ' s sausage industry, the Ceramics, the Republic (seven bookstores) and the Rubana (café and restaurants)

Any business based on import substitution from Europe can now begin. It could be something uncomplicated. We just need to analyze what's been bought mass. To this end, Customs statistics can be used. It could be food. How do you do that? It's the same thing: hands and legs, with a cold head and a hot heart. The crisis hasn't changed anything, people are the same, officials are the same. The purchasing power has probably changed, and at the time. And it doesn't matter for a start-up.

We need to do farming. For example, my brother, Hisr [Duda] suggests that we all go to the Far East, take the " satellite land " (but not for 1 ha, but for 100 ha) and start in the risky farming zone to grow soy and then sell it to China. Soya's a great business. Milk is good, too.

What else? Small engineering logistics or assembly kits. Small cities can now create small warehouses and develop medium and medium services Small business♪ We've got these niggers empty. You can make Russian furniture. I want to build a stationary workshop. Suddenly? Well, it's nice to sit here and eat for the furniture that you did. You can also become a civil servant, get the money and time, too, but it's another story.

Oleg Tinkov

The founder of the Tinykoff Pieter and the Darya Palm brand, established the Tinkoff Beer Company in 2003 and the Tincloff Bank Bank in 2006.

The immediate future for medical start-ups, for everything that has to do with medicine: BADs and medicines, pharmacies, clinics and the hospital sector. If there is no appropriate investment to do so, online counselling and gadget-based recommendations can be addressed in a whole range. We've been living longer, bodies have become more active and need care. In this sense, Russia has lagged behind the world ' s work for 15 to 20 years, but this offers an opportunity to copypaste. Ideally, it would be good to invest in R & D and medical development, but it's expensive and costly, we don't get used to it.

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