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What's the best business in the roses?
Моя компания - Лучшие товары и

rentabelnostThe economic crisis in recent years has had a negative impact on the work of entrepreneurs, and fewer and fewer businessmen are willing to tolerate losses, bureaucracy and corruption. However, there are also companies that flourish despite everything.

The Rosstat assesses monthly the cost-effectiveness of companies in different industries. It is calculated as the ratio of the saladed financial result (gain less loss) to the cost of goods sold and services rendered. Simply put, there is a percentage of profit or loss from each item of the investment.

On average, Russia recorded the highest cost-effectiveness rates of the agency from 2005 to 2008. During this period, the economy was on the rise, there was an increase in investment, the real income of the population and a rise in oil prices. The Russian business felt great, too, and the cost of raw materials, including imported ones, was much faster. In the summer of 2008, business profitability reached the highest rate of 16.7 per cent. Since the 2008 - 2009 crisis, it has not even been able to move closer to such indicators - the collapse of the rouble rate, increased administrative pressure on business and a fall in the solvency demand of the population.

According to the latest estimate of April 2016, the average profitability of Russia is 8.97 per cent. At the same time, the Far East Federal District Businesses (26, 19 per cent), where large resource companies are concentrated, are the best to feel. In turn, profitability in the Central and North-West Federal Districts is only 6.68 per cent and 7.86 per cent, with far more small enterprises in various fields.

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