Best Ideas For A Start-Up

The best start-ups are the top 25 of our best start-ups
Что такое «цепная реакция

Лучшие старапы нашего времени - evernote1. Evernote, $1 billion. Startap is an online service to create and store notes. The start-up was based in 2006 and the first version was launched in 2008. In the same year, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, but profited well from the financial pit, thanks to investments made by fans of this quality service. And in 2012, Evernote was on the most expensive start-up list.

Although the company has experienced various difficulties since then, despite this, it has been able to attract three times more investment than it was attracted before 2012. The secret to the success of the launch is that the creators have sought to adapt the mobile application Evernote to any new devices that have entered the market.Лучшие старапы нашего времени - honest company As a result of this strategy, the application Evernote has always been one of the first on the list for the new device almost immediately on the day of its withdrawal, and users have been very active in downloading it. Over 100 million people now use service.

2. The Honest Company, $1 billion. In 2011, Jessica Alba, Hollywood actress, decided to establish its own company, which would produce clean and safe child hygiene and cosmetics. In five years, the project has just gained space popularity among young moms.

Jessica Alba himself is an active participant in the company's life - she's a brand face and always trying to find time to communicate with her clients.Лучшие старапы нашего времени - телеграмм The Honest Company attracted more than 0 million investments.

3. Telegram, $1 billion. The start-up, established in St. Petersburg, Pavlo Durovsky, soon assumed the leading position in the Massangers market. The idea of a Telegram came into play in 2011, and it was launched and launched in 2013. A month after the launch, the Messenger recruited 1 million users.

Лучшие старапы нашего времени - планHe was conceived as a service for safe communication, a correspondence in which no special services could be read, and his launch and promotion was carried out under the slogan " Return our right to privacy " . The very idea at that point was very popular in the west and Europe because of press scandals about the availability of private intelligence services, so Telegram quickly won user sympathy, first abroad, and then Russia. The Telegram Messenger now has more than 100 million users around the world.

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