Your Business Is Where To Start

Rostrud will help those who want to start their business
С чего начать свой бизнес с

Entrepreneurs will be able to form a business in a single window.

Rostrud launches a new project to support people who want to start their business. An old-fashioned cash subsidy, applying to the employment service and agreeing a business plan, could be obtained before. But now starting businessmen, besides financial support, will help to deal with all the necessary formalities on one window.

"The title of the project "Course your case" is as unconsistent as it is, "Director Rostrud Vulokov. - It's a step forward compared to what we've done to promote employment so far. In 2008-2009, we became more active in providing funding for the opening of our case - it could be a hairdresser, shop, hotel, and a farm in the village. But it wasn't enough. The starting entrepreneur faces many problems - business needs to be registered, permission of the controlling authorities, tax issues and insurance payments. People told us to register a business well, but not enough, we need a real package to run a business. That's the way we're going to move on."

The experience with the unemployed during the previous crisis was both positive and negative. Over three years (2009-2011), more than 600,000 enterprises have been registered - an undeniable plus, noted the Deputy Director of the Centre for Professional Qualifications and Promotion of Employment by Yuri Gertius. At the same time, it became clear that one new entrepreneurial in most cases attracts a few more people, which means that the way to combat unemployment is more effective than simply creating jobs for employees. At the same time, according to Yuri Gertia, the sustainability of micro-enterprises has been low, with approximately two out of three in a while. For example, newly registered farmers faced the problem of marketing and processing. "We must take into account negative experiences and learn from them," the expert noted.

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