What Business To Open Without Investment

Cop idea: 8 business ideas without special investment
Какой смысл авторы вкладывают

Today, tens of thousands of people are looking for business ideas on the Internet without investment. But if you don't, you don't have to start with anything. But we've tried to pick out ten interesting business ideas that require little funds available to most of our fellow citizens (even students and alcoholics). A thousand roubles were taken abroad. It is true that many of these endeavours will require a little. Well, there are some means of production.

No. 1. Athel's at home or a tie-by-sheet.

If you have a sewing machine, your hands are growing from a place closer to your head than to your feet, and you're not just throwing a baptism, you're gonna need that idea. And even in a thousand roubles to buy materials (cloths and strings) you can settle. Do you have a car? Well, with the ad, we're going to have a fashion way of setting up a group, social media outlets, Facebook (lower competition), and thematic fashion sites. You can do more than just lifting clothes or stitching, but it's quite fashionable now to sew butterflies, ties and handkerchiefs. And you can have 10 to 30 grand of net income roubles a month. Not bad for a student.

Labour costs are between 4 and 8 hours per day, depending on the number of orders and the success of the process.
Advantages - stable earnings, fast start.
Disadvantages - High competition density.

No. 2. Computer Administrator

Can you stop running Windows? Do you know how to set up antivirus in ten minutes and what's safe? Can you imagine how to connect the mouse to the computer? No, you're not an administrator yet, but you can be. It's desirable to have a laptop in hand. As well as the deployment of dozens of announcements, on sites from Avito type aggregators to social media. Yeah, you'll find the clients fast. The cost of one exit, depending on the labor, is 1 to 5,000 roubles (possibly more). The flow of customers went-- don't deny anyone, connect acquaintances with this subject, too. A month's income can be 30 to 60,000 roubles.

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