Business From Zero With Minimal Investment

10 best business ideas for starters
By Анастасия Осипова

бизнес идеи для ничинающихThe economic crisis that once again visited Russia has had a tangible impact on the financial well-being of citizens. Someone's lost their paycheck, and someone's been the victim of job losses. It's becoming more popular with people. create a business free of investment from zero, so that no longer depends on the employer ' s decisions, but rely only on its own strength. The main problem is how to find an interesting niche that will make money in 2016 with minimal investment. Having analyzed today ' s trends, we have presented business ideas for starters who have good chances of success.

So what do we do, 2016 ideas with minimal start-up costs.

  1. Internet store. Everything is being sold and bought today. If you're interested in any category of goods, you feel as knowledgeable or willing to become, you'll be able to create your own Internet store, not only get a high income, but you'll be a regular "in the subject," tracing your novels and offering them to your customers. Many Internet store owners, earning sufficient capital, opening up additional retail points, making small household business online. Wholesale trade, for example, in China at very low prices and through interested shops in its region, can also be traded through Internet stores. The only question that needs to be addressed in advance is delivery. The Internet store without delivery is unique to the "minus."
  2. Frances. The broken brand gives you permission to open a business under his "wive." You don't spend much on advertising and marketing, you use proven technologies and offer a known, already recognized product or service. It's an excellent cafe, bars, restaurants, pizzas and similar establishments. The brand itself will lead to you people, the most important thing is to comply with all the requirements set out in the contract with the right holder.
  3. Domestic services. The high demand for this type of service is due to the high standard of living when there is insufficient time to go to the salon, to visit the service centre or to travel with the child to the tutor. This is a very extensive field of activity, depending on your knowledge and skills: computer repairs, maintenance of household appliances and cars, cleaning of premises and carpet cleaning, cosmetology and tattoo matturing, child and elderly care, home-based pets and many others. It's important to be mobile and to be able to adjust to client schedule.
  4. Disein and Web-based. In order to create a quality design project or a cool site, there is no need for an office chair, a crowd of colleagues and always the correct opinion of the chief. With the necessary skills and artistic taste, you can create a comfortable home environment. This is the best example of how to open up a business without investment: just doing a routine job, but not an employer's office, but a client's house.
  5. Motorway for the repair of bicycles and other small vehicles. It's nice to know that the readers of a healthy lifestyle are getting bigger, which means that the streets of our towns are more bicycles, self-cats, skateboards and rollers. The active use of these useful inventions leads, alas, to inevitable debris and malfunctions. By opening, for example, a small shop in the garage, you won't be tested. ♪ ♪
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