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Selling a ready business in a mosquito from the owner
Диспетчер для госкорпорации

Welcome to the Moscow section of Alter Invest. Here you will find more than 1'000 bids for the sale of finished businesses in Moscow and the provinces, all of which come from owners. New objects appear every day!

Alter Invest is the first and only federal business broker in Russia. We have been selling our business since 2007, and missions are open in all major cities. Since 2015, we have been recognized as the Booklet magazine as the best company in the open business market.

Business brokers and lawyers, Alter Invest, are particularly strong in such matters as:

  • Finding ready business
  • Audit and valuation of assets of active companies
  • Reducing possible risks
  • Business transaction and client protection
  • Permit disputes between owners and buyers.

You do the right thing by choosing us with your guide to a world of good business. Importantly, many of our clients did not have entrepreneurial experience and feared the markets of existing companies. We showed them that selling a business could be civilized and safe, you'll be able to make sure.

Sale What business? Is this where you're going?

There is an open-ended Moscow business under any budget, ranging from an Internet store for 300'000 ом to multi-million-dollar productions, which brings profits comparable to that of a small town.

The term “prepared business” refers to the company that survived the market and profits. It is made up of tangible and intangible assets, including intellectual property, brand elements, permit documents, personnel, customers and suppliers.

In addition to Internet projects, catering facilities, retail and beauty industries, as well as auto-business, are popular as ready businesses in Moscow and Moscow. All this can be accessed through our magazine catalogue.

Ready business in Moscow - what's his benefit?

The main obstacle to business in Moscow is the high level of competition. Over 700,000 small and medium-sized businesses are registered in the capital. Long time and large investments will be needed to circumvent the competitors and gain customer attention. These resources determine whether a new business will survive or close in a few months.

Ready business is the fastest way to overcome this barrier. You're the owner of a company that's chained to the market, and all of its material and intangible assets are transferred to you. In simple words, you get:

  • Business process
  • Recognized brand
  • Customer database
  • Supplier contracts
  • Publicity campaigns
  • Surplus location
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