Business idea: Batutas @how_to_earn
дешевый бизнес-джет в мире

If you think about what kind of business you can do, you should focus on the children and adults's bouts. It's enough to buy a booth for a business so that it's the first month to drop the investment. But everything is in order.

Batut species
Before we run the business plan on the batts, we need to figure out what kind of jumpers you've decided to buy. Provide the following types of bouttes:
Bulk for children
Universal Street
Like playing rooms.
There are also classic bats and gangs.

Street boilers for business
Such " jumps " are the most common and popular. They are placed in parks or beach and have many advantages:
Simple realization. It's just enough to buy a bat, rent a place, set it up and pump it, and then start selling tickets.
Minimum advertising costs. Such a business doesn't need to move. Your clients will be the same as those interested in this ride.
Small investments.

But there are minus:
The difficulty of finding a free place
Difficulties to collect the impact.
Visitors ' control

Business season.
Big business bats have their nuances:
Big bouts have a big sail. It's gonna take a very simple space to secure the design.
We need a flat surface, preferably from a concrete or asphalt.
In the immediate vicinity of the bathtub, there must be a source of electricity for compressor work. You can buy a gasoline generator, but it's pretty loud.
At night, we're gonna need a battery security, or we're gonna have to shut down the design every day and take it away.

So what's necessary for this business?
Buy a street booth.
Get the compressor.
Rent the site
Find a worker (possible to use entrance tickets and themselves)
Rent or purchase a vehicle for the delivery of the ride.

The essence of this business is that you don't purchase a stationary but a mobile battery to move it from the field to the place. You can rent a bat or offer entrance tickets to this auction in kindergartens, schools, etc.

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